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Welcome to my blog!

Globetrekka was set up in September 2015 really to keep track of the places I have visited, the sights I have seen, the food I have eaten and people I have met.

To be honest I started the blog because I have always had a really terrible memory. Taking lots of (usually bad) photos was my first attempt to address this so that when I look back at them it reminds me what I have been up to.

This website is just the next stage of that process. I was still not recalling all the information about aspects of my travels and felt that this would be a good way to remind myself of what I’d been doing.

What’s there to know about me? I like to travel, I like to eat, I like to have a good time. Usually I travel by myself, sometimes with friends or family, but it’s never lonely.

I started writing this page in September 2015 and this website has come some way since then.

When first setting up this blog it was all a bit of a mess. I just blogged randomly and way too short posts that weren’t very interesting. Hopefully as time has gone by my posts are more insightful and also a bit less arbitrary, though the crazy nature of my mind probably means the latter will often keep creeping back in!!!

Like some of my fellow bloggers out there, I went to school and got the grades. I had wanted to be pilot just so I could get to visit all these wonderful places. Unfortunately I was never that good with the science so decided to go to university and study the dismal science. But always secretly hoping that I could leave that life behind and go travelling.

Fortunately my work has paid me enough so I can go travelling, while also picking up miles and status along the way. While I would consider myself a decent frequent flyer, I really have nothing when it comes to hotel stays. So I get to earn a reasonable wage while also getting to travel to all sorts of places.

What airlines does globetrekka fly?

Well this is kinda a complicated question to answer.

There are airlines I want to fly because I enjoyed flying them and there are airlines I fly because I working to gain status.

The airlines I most enjoy flying are Singapore Airlines and Cathay Pacific. The  service on these carriers is just by far superior to other airlines. There was a time I was feeling really unwell and the cabin crew on SQ were really outstanding. I like CX because they are more likely to upgrade than SQ — remember upgrades are a gift not a right!

The airline I fly to gain status is British Airways because I dream at some point of becoming a lifetime gold status holder. You get this if you get 35,000 tier points – their currency for establishing status. Put in perspective, a full fare return economy class flight from London to Singapore is 160 tier points (80 each way). I would need to make 219 round trips … Or
Premium economy (200 tier points/round trip) = 175 round trips
Business (320 TPs/round trip) = 110 round trips
First (480TPs/RT) = 73 RTs
Essentially I am living in cloud cuckoo land if I think I will ever make it; but everyone has to have an aim in life right?

Current Life time TP: 865 (Target: 35,000; left: 34,135)

If I can’t get a good price for SQ or CX on an intra Asian route, I will fly budget — my carrier of choice is JetStar because it flies to the main airports whereas other budget carriers sometimes fly to the airports that are further away.

Where has globetrekka been?

Globetrekka has travelled far and wide 23+ countries visited and of those I have lived at least 2 years in 6 of them [Note: Note I only count those as places that I have actually spent at least one night in. Transits do not count]:

Australia, Brunei, Brussels, Cambodia, Canada, China, Croatia, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Sierra Leone, Spain, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, United States,

Let me know if you have any questions on these places I’ve visited.


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