Mini Trip Report: Bangkok July 2017

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The last few months have been totally crazy for me for travelling. I’ve been to Bangkok twice, Penang, Phnom Penh and Bali once. And this is my first Mini Trip Reports of H2 2017.

The last trip I made to Bangkok in May (Mini Trip Report: Bangkok May 2017) was using Cathay Pacific business class. However, because this was going to be a very short weekend trip, I decided to fly Singapore Airlines again, as I did in April (Mini Trip Report: Bangkok April 2017).

This trip comes off the back of my short trip to Bali earlier in July (Mini Trip Report: Bali July 2017).

Unfortunately, this was a very very short trip, so like the Bali trip, I won’t have a huge amount to talk about. Instead I will populate with as many photos as possible.

Many of you already know the route, but below is the estimated journey from Singapore to Bangkok and return. I’m introducing the use of this map, to add a bit more perspective to the journey. Let me know if you think of better map tools (importantly, they should be free :)).


Singapore – Bangkok
Airline: Singapore Airlines
Plane Type: B777-200ER
Flight Number: SQ978
Class: Economy
Scheduled Departure: 18:35
Actual Departure: 18:47
Scheduled Arrival: 20:00
Actual Arrival: 19:53
Estimated duration: 2hr 25mins
Actual duration: 2hr 6mins
Plane registration: 9V-SYF

Check in was very straightforward especially as I didn’t have any bags to check in. I could have just used my phone, but I like to get a physical ticket, I guess that’s just me.


On my way to the lounge, I bumped into this fella!


I didn’t take any (decent) photos of the lounge this trip, but I have written extensively over the past few Mini Trip Reports, to Phnom Penh (June 2017) and to Bali (July 2017), so I won’t make any additional comments here except that it was really really busy.

After a quick 30 mins in the lounge I rushed to the plane, where security and and boarding were surprisingly quick.



My hindu non-vegetarian option.


We arrived just ahead of schedule which still meant a rush to the Airport Rail Link from Suvarnabhumi Airport to central Bangkok, but I was at the hotel before 10:30pm.

ibis Bangkok Siam

On my previous two trips to Bangkok this year (Mini Trip Report: Bangkok May 2017 and Mini Trip Report: Bangkok April 2017), I had stayed at the Courtyard by Marriott Bangkok (you can see a full hotel report here).

This time I wanted to try a different hotel in a different location, so went with the ibis Bangkok Siam. I selected it because it’s near a BTS station – National Stadium BTS – and also it’s walking distance to Siam, where you can find Siam Center, Siam Paragon and Siam Discovery.

These photos were not taken in order, but I’ve rearranged so you get some progression of the journey from the BTS station to the hotel.









The room was big enough for one person, and I think is comfortable for 2 as well. The fridge was empty save two complimentary glass bottles of water. There are also some tea and coffee for you to use.



The shower area was very very small so if you are bit a bigger, the fit not be ideal.



The hotel is very close to Mah Boon Krong, otherwise known as MBK. I wrote about this previously a couple of years back – you can see my review here.

Mah Boon Krong or MBK as it is known among regulars is one of the large shopping malls in Bangkok. When you visit here you will see a mix of both locals as well as tourists who are looking for good deals and wide choices. Bangkok has been experiencing a mall building boom of late but many of these new malls are typically more upmarket and cater less to the ordinary tourist. Mah Boon Krong is one of the older malls (opened in the mid 1980s) and hence the target audience is not at the top end of the shopping spectrum.

It is very close to Siam Square and you can get there by BTS Skytrain at the National Stadium. It is also apparently within walking distance of Siam station but I have never gone from there so I can’t really say. At National Stadium BTS, you need to take Exit 4 to MBK Center.

MBK really needs a whole day to wander around, there are shops, restaurants, massage shops, electronic vendors and trinket sellers. There are the standard shops and also there is a bazaar.

Here are some new photos from this trip





Some photos of the food court. YUM!!






Time to do some shopping



And yes, I managed to fit a short trip to Healthland Spa!!!

Every time I go to Bangkok, I try to make it for a massage at least once. I was busy shopping and running errands, that for some reason, I onl managed to go for a massage once during my 3 night stay (you can read all about my Healthland review here). A traditional Thai massage will cost THB550 for 2 hours (about US$16, £12). Amazing value if you ask me.






Finally it was time to head to Singapore. As I had so much time before my flight I took Airport Rail Link from the centre of town to Suvarnabhumi Airport.


You need to go to the top floor for check in. There are only a couple of lifts, so it’s probably better (and quicker) to take the escalators.


Singapore Airlines check ind desks. Very quick.


After making it through security and immigration, it was time to do some last minute shopping before heading to the lounge.


For some reason I didn’t take a photo of the entrance to the Miracle Lounge. This is the view of the entrance from the inside of the lounge.







Yes. It was pretty much empty!

Bangkok – Singapore
Airline: Singapore Airlines
Plane Type: A330-300
Flight Number: SQ979
Class: Economy
Scheduled Departure: 18:30
Actual Departure: 18:49
Scheduled Arrival: 21:55
Actual Arrival: 21:43
Estimated duration: 2hr 25mins
Actual duration: 1hr 53mins
Plane registration: 9V-STC

I apologise for the lack of originality by reusing the same image as before.





The flight wasn’t full.


The Hindu non-vegetarian option.


We left and arrived pretty much on time.

I tried to get an Uber X, but it said 21 minutes! I cancelled immediately, I booked and Uber Pool. It arrived within minutes.

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