Mini Trip Report: Phnom Penh June 2017

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This is my fourth Mini Trip Report. Hope you guys like them. Though I confess that I will eventually write more about these separate portions of the trip in other posts. Phnom Penh is not somewhere that I’ve covered previously and is thus worth separate posts. I thought readers would want to see my my quick takes on the city.

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My last trip to Bangkok as well as being my last Mini Trip Report (Mini Trip Report: Bangkok April 2017), and it’s partly because it’s a city I am reasonably familiar with.

This time I couldn’t use JetQuay as I had done during my British Airways BA16 from Singapore to London in December 2016 or the weekend Trip from Singapore to Bangkok in April 2017 [you can see my detailed report in Jetquay CIP Terminal Review – an unnecessary luxury?]. This was because I had was travelling a low cost carrier for this trip (Jetstar), and JetQuay doesn’t really deal with LCCs. I’m not too sure why that is, maybe because the LCCs have such strict requirements for luggage weight, cabin baggage, so it might be difficult to police. Anyone have any ideas?

So no private terminal for me this trip. But have no fear, as my regular readers will know, I also have a Citi Prestige card [You can read all about it here: Which Reward Card do I use?], which gives me access to Priority Pass Lounges in most airport across the world. Bear in mind the big advantage with the Citi Prestige card over other Citi rewards cards is that the lounge access for Citi Prestige is unlimited. Whereas for the other cards (like Premier Miles) you are limited to a certain number of lounge entries every year.

I took the MRT from the Singapore CBD, this time using the Downtown Line to Bugis, and then switching to the East West Line.  As usual, when travelling to Changi Airport on the East West Line, the trains do not go all the way. I had to get off at Tanah Merah station (2 stops from Changi), cross over the platform to get on the other train.


I arrived at the airport around 6.30pm which gave me enough time to check in, dash into the lounge, grab some food and hurry to gate. I don’t have a lot of photos of the lounge, but you can see them all from my most recent Mini Trip Report: Bangkok May 2017.

Since I had no hold luggage, I just went straight through immigration and to the lounge.


No alcoholic drinks for me on this flight.


Quick bite of curry and samosa.


Singapore – Phnom Penh
Airline: Jet Star
Plane Type: Airbus A320
Flight Number: 3K591
Class: Economy
Scheduled Departure: 19:35
Actual Departure: 19:46
Scheduled Arrival: 20:40
Actual Arrival: 20:20
Estimated duration: 2hr 5mins
Actual duration: 1hr 37mins
Plane registration: 9V-JSQ

Jetstar’s Airbus A320, ready to take me to Phnom Penh


We actually arrived early, and being quite close to the front of the plane, I dashed off to get my visa on arrival.

There are visa forms waiting for you in the arrivals hall. Just fill it all out and hand it to the waiting officers who are seated next to each other. They pass it along, each stamping it on the way to the end, and then there is a payment counter. $30. Easy.

Finally, you need to make your way through customs. This simply involves handing over the customs declaration.

Because I didn’t check in any luggage, I was able to go straight through the luggage carousels and out to meet my ride to the hotel.

iRoha Garden Hotel & Resort

This is my first time to Phnom Penh, though not my first time to Cambodia. Whenever I am looking for places to stay, I always ask for recommendations, and with the advent of trip advisor it has made searching so much easier.

After much searching and debate, I decided to stay at iRoha Garden Hotel & Resort.  This was not exactly a hard decision in the end. It’s rated number 1 on Trip Advisor for hotels in Phnom Penh.

Trip Advisor Rank

And almost every review was great 5*. I was astonished.  So I decided to book it straight away using

Below are a small selection of photos that I have from my stay. The much longer iRoha Garden Hotel & Resort review is here.






If you like these photos, please read the full review of the iRoha Garden Hotel & Resort review.

Highlights of a tour in and around Phnom Penh

Here are just a few photos of the places that I visited during my stay in Phnom Penh

Killing Fields (Choeung Ek memorial)




Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum (S-21 prison camp)





Royal Palace






Wat Phnom





Central Market






Orussey Market






I only visited two restaurants on this trip: Malis and Romdeng


This was on the Saturday at lunch, and I went for the tasting menu which was $30. Not cheap for Cambodian standards. What a beautiful setting though!








Recommended by the staff at the iRoha Garden Hotel, and I wasn’t disappointed. RP met me here, though didn’t eat anything for lunch. I ate way too much!! In fact, I was so full I was struggling at my next venue; Romdeng.


Recommended by RP, but actually disappointed by the rather abrupt service. Also the fact they kicked us out at 10, rather than the normal closing time of 11.




We were only saved by the neighbouring bar, that was actually a really great venue



Phnom Penh – Singapore
Airline: Jetstar
Plane Type: A320
Flight Number: 3K592
Class: Economy
Scheduled Departure: 21:30
Actual Departure: 21:25
Scheduled Arrival: 00:30
Actual Arrival: 23:58
Estimated duration: 2hr
Actual duration: 1hr 33mins
Plane registration: 9V-JSQ

Finally it was time to leave Phnom Penh. And I was pretty sad to be leaving the iRoha Hotel, but all good things must come to an end!

The staff recommended leaving the hotel 3 hours before the flight as traffic is unpredictable.

I booked a car, but I could have probably booked a tuk tuk instead. But rather than arrive hot and sweaty, I went for the expensive (and airconditioned) option.

The airport has apparently undergone a recent face lift. Actually a pretty respectable airport. Nice and clean.


Unfortunately, leaving as early as I did from the hotel meant that there was quite some waiting at the check in, as it wasn’t open until about 1hr 30mins before departure.


After a quick checkin (no luggage, again) I went through immigration and security, before heading to the lounge. I was really hungry by this point and wanted to eat, so no photos of the rest of the airport.

The lounge was pretty amazing. Huge! There was hardly anyone there so I could choose wherever I wanted to sit.


Normally you have to a help yourself buffet. Here you have that, but you also have a chef preparing noodle soup if that’s your thing.


And I got two free alcoholic drink vouchers. Why thank you very much. And a fully manned bar to boot.

The food was quite good and there was a lot of it. As soon as it started to run low, they topped it back up.


After only about 30mins in the lounge, I made my way to the gate, as I saw it was already boarding. When I got there, there was no more passengers at the gate. Shock! I rushed on board, and thought I was the last person.

But no, there were a few stragglers after me.


We took just before schedule, but landed almost 30mins early! Crazy! I spent most of the time asleep as I knew I had to work the next day. I hadn’t pre-ordered food so didn’t bother staying up.

When we landed, we were parked at a far gate but it’s always good to have a walk after a sleep on a plane.

Changi was busy, but I guess that’s good for the Singapore economy.

As soon as I got through immigration I got on Uber and booked a ride out of the airport….. until the next adventure!

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