Hotel Review: Courtyard by Marriott Bangkok

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For those who follow me regularly will know that I have stayed at a whole bunch of hotels in Bangkok including Grand Mercure Bangkok Asoke ResidenceArcadia SuitesOakwood Residence Sukhumvit 24 and Centre Point Hotel, Chidlom. There are many positives and negatives with these various hotels, but overall I enjoyed staying at most of them.

Starting with the ratings for my hotel stay (out of ten):

Room   8

Service 8

Food 8

Overall 8

I had written about the Courtyard by Marriott Bangkok in two Mini Trip Reports (Mini Trip Report: Bangkok April 2017Mini Trip Report: Bangkok May 2017) and wanted to get a more detailed report down as I had been twice to the hotel.

Part of the reason for choosing this hotel was not because it offered a great deal, but mainly because it offered a points earning opportunity that I want to take advantage of. Having become relatively well acquainted with frequent flyer programs, I thought it was time to progress to hotel programs.

Google Maps suggests that from the airport, you should take the airport express [I wrote A guide to using the Airport Rail Link from Suvarnabhumi Airport to central Bangkok back in 2015 but still very helpful, if I do say so myself:)] and then use the BTS to head to Chidlom station. From there, so says Google Maps, you should walk…. error!! It is a long walk. Especially if you are dragging luggage. The first time I went to the hotel, it took ages and by the time I got to the foyer, I was drenched.

Fortunately the check in was smooth and swift. After being quickly directed to my room, I had to jump in the shower. It felt good to be sweat free, but I was still baking from my walk.


The hotel has a tuk-tuk service that will take you to both Chidlom and Ratchadamri BTS stations. And will also pick you up. I was never sure on the pick up points nor the times so I only actually used the BTS pick up once. I think this is something that the hotel needs to improve on, by letting guests know in advance.

Now, there are some of you out there who list “riding a tuk-tuk” as part of the Bangkok experience. Don’t pick one up off the side of the road. Most hotels now have this service, so just hop on. The driver is safer than normal tuk-tuk drivers, and won’t take you to some dodgy bar to try and scam you.


To the room.

The bed as pretty nice. I like a bit of firmness to the bed, but not rock hard. Some readers have mentioned previously that they like soft beds, that swallow them up. This isn’t for you!!! There is a nice chair with seat but faces the tv and allows me to spend all day sitting there, watching programs.


The TV was also facing the bed, so while lazing away in the hot afternoon, or before check out, I could just peruse the channels. And there were a lot! So instead of going out for a massage on the last day…. I was here … watching tv.


The cupboard was of a pretty good size. The safe was also in here. While some have said they don’t like to use the hotel safe, I don’t think there is much of a choice – do you carry all your valuables with you and risk someone mugging you on the street. Or do you put some of your valuables in the safe and risk someone mugging you in the hotel.

Most bizarrely, when I unpacked one of my shirts, it has so many creases, despite having packed so carefully. Thus, the iron and ironing board came in useful. The first time I have ever used it in a hotel!!


Normal drinks (there are two bottle of complimentary water on top) offering. There are coffee and tea available as well as the items in the fridge.


Take these are your own risk! Fortunately there is enough space for me to put the two small bottles of water the hotel give you. Nothing like having a cool drink when you get back after a long day outside!!


I’m not convinced by the window from the bathroom to the bedroom. This is one feature I am not convinced by. A lot of new hotels have this glass partition. But why would you want to see someone brushing their teeth. Fortunately the toilet is hidden behind a wall, but still, this is not a great idea. Why oh why oh why do hotels do this? Is it to create more natural light for the bathroom area?


I did have a problem with one of the rooms in that the shower area didn’t drain properly. It was only one of the two rooms, but I think could potentially cause safety risk.



Another plus is that the room over looked the pool. Although it wasn’t a great view, I would take this over the road view any day. The pool wasn’t particularly busy at any point during my stay which was quite refreshing. I’ve stayed at some places in Bangkok whose pool have been completely jammed. And a plus point is that there is a very large space to sunbathe. Although you do have voyeurs taking photos (such as the one below).


The next few photos are of the restaurant MoMO cafe which is where they serve breakfast. These came from both morning and night time so you will notice lighting differences.








I do remember thinking that at first it felt a bit disappointing. And I think it may have been because when I first walked in, all I saw was the fruits. But then I realised there was a lot more on offer.

And in the end, I really rated the breakfast!



When I made my first trip to Bangkok in April 2017, the gym was undergoing renovation for the period I was there, so I never got a chance to even take a look around. It’s on the same floor as the pool, so when I went to have a look around the pool, I tried to look into the gym area. Unfortunately it was completely being pulled apart so there wasn’t anything interesting to see. Though, my regret is not taking a photo of the space that was the gym, and what it had become by the time I had come back for my second trip to Bangkok in May 2017.

Here are the photos from my second trip here.


Like most hotel gyms, it was pretty much empty when I went to use it. There was one other person grunting away when I arrived, but he left shortly afterwards.



The equipment was pretty much brand new and everything was kept in really good working order. Of course, it is a new gym so I would expect nothing less.

I would add there were some mozzies around as the pool is just outside. Although it is airconditioned the mozzies still come in as there is a door directly to the hotel, and other to the pool area.


Mainly due to laziness, I didn’t use the pool for either trip. It’s a decent size, and actually during the weekend was busy. However, during the week days, there was almost no one there.


At night, there is a bar next to the pool, though I’d be surprised if the bar tender is ever called upon at night!




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