Jetquay CIP Terminal Review – an unnecessary luxury?

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Ever wanted to be treated like a VIP? Want to have your own private terminal? Keep the paparazzi away? Yes? Well JetQuay is the service for you.

I start by warning readers that this is an amalgamation of different experiences as I have been here twice

My first time using it was on my Singapore – London flight in December 2016 on British Airways BA16

I then used the service again on my Singapore to Bangkok in April 2017 on Singapore Airlines, SQ 972

Jetquay is an interesting offering in Singapore. I had read about this from several other blogs and seen videos of it on YouTube, but never really thought I would want to use it. It’s seems a bit unnecessary in an airport as efficient as Singapore Changi.

The actual JetQuay Terminal is located next to Terminal 2 of Singapore Changi Airport. Not entirely dissimilar to the Lufthansa First Class Terminal offering at Frankfurt airport, the main difference is that it is open to any passenger travelling in any class or any carrier (with a few exceptions (Some airlines, due to security restrictions, required passengers to check in at the main terminal – at time of writing these included United Airlines, Delta Airlines and the low cost carriers (LCCs)).

Basically there are three levels of service:


Meet & Greet service in main Airport terminal (Escort only, no electric buggy)

Arrival : S$90 per event (up to 3 persons on the same flight)

Departure : S$90 per event (up to 3 persons on the same flight)


Meet & Greet service with the use of electric buggy, In-house immigrations and customs clearance, dedicated check-in counters, baggage assistance and usage of Jet Quay Private Airport facility.

Arrival : S$400 per event (up to 3 persons on the same flight)

Departure : S$400 per event (up to 3 persons on the same flight)


Meet & Greet service with limousine transfer on the tarmac with In-house immigrations and customs clearance, dedicated check-in counters, baggage assistance and usage of Jet Quay Private Airport facility.

Complimentary usage of the suite with en-suite bathroom, bottle of champagne, light refreshment, free Wi-Fi and personal butler

Arrival : S$1500 per event (up to 2 persons on the same flight)

Departure : S$1500 per event (up to 2 persons on the same flight)

They advertise their services as

  • Complimentary Wi-Fi
  • Day rooms and private meeting rooms
  • Business centre and boardroom
  • Suite Room
  • Showers
  • Complimentary light refreshments

I would love to go all out and get the JetSide Service, which would have a car drive me to the aircraft. However, since I don’t get paid for this blog and I don’t get paid enough in general, it would be too much for me to do, even though I love you guys so much!

Actually the truth is that I recently signed up for the Citi Prestige card which gave me access to this for free

Want to know why I use the Citi Prestige? You can read all about it here: Which Reward Card do I use?

Let me start by showing you some photos of the inside of the JetQuay terminal.

I didn’t take photos or videos of the arrival into the JetQuay terminal.

At the entrance, there is a barrier, and a guard post. The guard comes out and asks you for your flight, checking it off the list of passengers that have booked the service.

There is a little driveway that winds around to the entrance of the terminal. Once there, the guard has already radioed through and there are a number of people waiting for you.

A few to carry your luggage, one to take your hand luggage, and another to guide you through. On my second time through (Singapore to Bangkok in April 2017 ), they actually welcomed me back which was a nice touch. When you luggage is taken from you, that will be the last you see of it, until you get to the end of your journey.

Instead of going to check in, they take you to the lounge area immediately (the picture below). Once you have sat down, a member of staff takes your passport and that’s more or less the last you see of it until it’s time to board.

They conduct all the check in formalities away from you, while another member of staff offers you a drink. Both times, I turned them down to take photos of the lounge.

They approached me about 10 minutes later and asked when I’d like to leave for the gate. Because terminal 2 is on one side of the airport, if you need to get to Terminal 3, it will take a good 15 minutes as they have to drive through Terminal 2, 1 and then 3 to get there.


Nice seating area for the bears 🙂


Lots and lots of seating


And yet more seating


Have a little bubbly to start with.



And now onto the food





And to finish with



There’s a number of tvs around. The one below was showing tennis highlights.



Fan Bing Bing sitting seductively on a massage chair. There are two chairs for guests to use. It’s just marketing. OSIM, are hoping that after using it here, you can’t live without one.


When the it’s time to leave, a JetQuay representative will come and collect you. You walk out into the entrance hallway of the JetQuay terminal and this is when the staff hands back your passport.

As someone who normally takes the e gates through Singapore immigration, this is actually slower. The scariest part here is the immigration officer smiles at you. Shock! Horror! And the words that came out of his mouth after doing the necessary checks …”have a nice trip sir”…. what?! you are wishing me a nice trip? Have you put a comment in my passport that I should be aware of? This traveller is a PITA? What did you say?!

The JetQuay employee will also come through with you and you take a lift up one floor (frankly we could have just taken the stairs), and to what looked like a parking lot for buggies. There were at least 10 buggies and at first, there was no indication which one I should … mount (?). Until another JetQuay staff appeared and pointed to one. I was to sit in the second row passenger seat until I requested to be at the front. And then we were off.

As mentioned earlier, the JetQuay Terminal is located next to Terminal 2 so the buggy emerges in terminal 2 and if you want to get to the other terminals (1 and 3) you basically have to round the whole U shape of the building.

Once you get to the gate, you’re own your own to get through security and then board your flight.

Some observations

  • The food was average. When you compare it to the offerings of business class lounges, I think they need to put more effort into this.
  • The lounge was cold. Given this is Singapore, I turned up twice, in a short sleeved shirt and both times regretted it. The staff told me the temperature is centrally controlled.
  • Immigration is no faster than e gates. If I were to go through the e gates at Changi, it would have been faster than clearing immigration here.
  • No expedited gate security. When you get to the gate, if there is a queue, you have to wait with the rest of the masses. This really lowers the tone of the experience.

Overall, I did enjoy being here, because sometimes it is nice to be away from the masses. This is great for a quiet retreat. The two times I’ve been to use Jet Quay, for at least an hour each time, I was the only person in the lounge!

I will still use it if I get the chance, but it seems a bit superfluous given the high quality of the existing facilities at Changi Airport. Also, I can’t use it for LCC flights.

That being said, if you are a well known personalities, and don’t want to be inundated with people staring at you or taking photos, this may well be a really great option.

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