Mini Trip Report: Penang February 2017

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My reports are typically long in style, and usually broken up into different sections, each one that looks at the flights, the food, the accommodation and so forth.

For my short trips, I’ve decided to put together a one post note that will keep everyone up to date with what I’ve been doing, but also saves people reading multiple posts.

These will be more like photo reports, with more images than text.

Let me know what you think. Do you guys want to see more mini trip reports? Or do you prefer full length reports?

After checking in at Terminal 1 for my SilkAir flight, I went quickly to the lounge to stuff my face for 30mins.


After my rapid face stuffing exercise, I rushed to the gate.


A nice small plane to get me to Penang. I think it’s an A321. Am I right?


I was staying at Mansion One Penang, which was right next to Gleneagles hospital.


There was a twin room. The beds were quite comfortable, although a bit basic. Also, this room was not en-suite. Though there was a nice bathroom for guests to use.


The kitchen area was very useful. In fact having a kitchen with a nice fridge is now something I do consider when staying somewhere. This lets me buy food when I’m out and then store it the fridge.

You can then reheat it if you want to.

The only problem was with the kettle which didn’t automatically switch off. There must have been a manufacturing fault, so we had it swapped out and it was fine.


The sitting area was more than substantial, but the tv… well there were only a couple of channels. They were either in Malay or Mandarin so if you don’t speak either of these two, you will need to find your entertainment elsewhere.



Beachcorner seafood, Batu Ferringhi




New World Park Hawker Centre, Georgetown



Song River, Gurney Drive




Fu Er Dai, Jalan Sultan Ahmad Shah




Nasi Kandar Nasib, Tesco, Tanjung Tokong






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