Restaurant Review: Lawry’s The Prime Rib, Singapore


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Other than Singapore, Lawry’s can also be found in Beverly Hills, Las Vegas, Chicago, Dallas, Taipei, Tokyo, Osaka and Seoul

It is so quiet, as it is as the far end of the Mandarin Gallery. If this didn’t have windows, you would never have thought that you were on Orchard Road.

The actual restaurant is pretty sizeable. When you first walk in you are transported to a different time. It really does look like it’s from the Gatsby era.  You can see a bar in the background and also a lot of wine in the wine fridge. None for me today.


We were among the first to arrive. The photo above is actually on the way out as there were a lot of service staff moving around at the beginning getting everything in place.

Maybe I’m just to old fashioned. I find, in Singapore generally, that at these restaurants people turn up under dressed. I saw people in shorts and flip flops. I supposed, it is on Orchard and someone tourists probably just wander in off the street. That’s the way the world works I guess.

Anyway, back to our experience. Once they had sat us down, they handed us menus. Unfortunately, I didn’t take a photo of the main menu, and I am kicking myself for forgetting. I can’t remember the exact pricing but it wasn’t cheap!!!

Once they took our orders, they informed us that they would first serve us the salad. As described on their website “A blend of crisp Romaine, baby Spinach, shredded Beets, chopped Eggs and Croutons, tossed with our exclusive Vintage dressing in a salad bowl spun on a bed of ice“.

IMG_1820 (2)

While the server is preparing the salad, she describes the ingredients in the order they are added. I guess the idea being that by keeping the salad on ice, the lettuce stays nice as crisp. And I must say, it was one of the nicest salads I’ve had. The dressing was basically thousand island, but for some reason tasted really really creamy.


Shortly after we finished the salad, the staff cleaned our plates and finally, the main event turned up!!

Lawry’s calls this The Silver Cart. You get the drama of table side service with the cart, and allows for a rib to be cut to your liking while you are watching. Apparently these aren’t cheap, and cost about the price of a Cadillac.


This is actually the reason I selected Lawry’s for the dinner. It’s great to bring a bit of showbiz to the proceedings. And wow. What a piece of beef this is. I believe this is called the Lawry’s. And the way all the beef is served here is right off the rib. That means you get none of the other cuts, just rib cuts. Which are really really tasty. In fact the words that were used were “this is some of the best beef I have ever eaten, including the rest ones we ate in Argentina last year”.


Alongside the rib, they also served a very very big Yorkshire pudding. It was really tasty and very light as well. I would say though that it also  greasy. Those of you who know a thing or two about Yorkshire puds, the greasiness is normal. I just felt it was a tiny bit more greasy than I have been used to when eating them in the UK.


One of our party decided not to have beef and instead had a prawn and fish. It really was only one prawn. While the dish was tasty, it was a bit disappointing in terms of amount of prawns and fish. I thought they could have at least served two prawns. Really what they were doing was putting the bed of fries to make it look like more than it really was.


After the meat, we were just too full to eat anything else. So desert went out of the window.

All that was left was to pay and head off. We headed downstairs to the Mandarin Orchard. The short walk did us some good, and took a taxi from the hotel taxi rank.

Now, would I come back here? Sure the food was good, but I’d like to try some other beef places if I am being pushed to go for more cow meat … So, no. I probably wouldn’t come back. Unless of course I wanted a bit of pizzazz in my myeal.



Tel: +65 6836 3333
Lawry’s The Prime Rib, Singapore, #04-01/31 Mandarin Gallery, 333A Orchard Rd, 238897

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