Trip Report: London – Singapore on British Airways BA11, A380 (January 2017)


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If you have read any of my previous trip reports, you will know that I hate arriving late to the airport. Some like to arrive just in time to board. Not me.

So at 5pm, I made it to the airport; some two hours before departure. On days like this, when there is virtually no one around, the check in hall of Terminal 5 is really really cavernous. And with it being so quiet, it really doesn’t seem like it is one of the busiest airports in the world.


Check in was a breeze. Though the same can’t really be said for security. Although they were doing their level best, there were some travellers who were really taking their sweet time about removing everything.

Nevertheless, about 10 minutes after joining the security queue I was through and on my way to the Aspire Lounge. I get access to the Aspire Lounge at Heathrow terminal 5 due to my Priority Pass.

My Priority Pass access comes from holding a Citibank Prestige card. I wrote more in detail about it in the post Which Reward Card do I use?

Among the other benefits the Prestige card offers

  • Complimentary night stay at any hotel of your choice with a minimum, consecutive 4-night booking.
  • Complimentary one-way airport limousine transfers eight times a year.
  • Access to JetQuay Private Terminal


The big bug bear I have is that this is the only Priority Pass lounge on the airside of Heathrow Terminal 5,so it can get really busy, like it did this evening.

I have used it when the airport was incredibly busy, and it was not a pleasant experience. This time wasn’t too crowded, and I was able to find a perch.

What I was really unimpressed with was the staff. One particular member of staff seemed to have a real attitude. She came out while I was getting my card processed and started arguing with the manager.

She wanted to go on break, and he told her she had to wait for another colleague as she arrived 30 minutes late. And then she lost it. Swearing and slamming the door to the kitchen. Then when she came out to put out the food, she threw it down. I was impressed that the manager didn’t lose his cool.


After that excitement, I helped myself to some munchies. I’m not a big fan of pasta before I fly. It just fills me up. I guess some people do like it, but I only do that if I am carb loading. And if I’m carb loading, why don’t I just eat pizza 🙂


I also managed to grab a glass of bubbly — most likely prosecco. But had to quaff it down as I was running late for the flight and it was annoyingly at C gates.

You build a brand terminal, and yet you can’t get all the gates in one location. I’m not convinced that’s the greatest planning.



January 2017
Class: World Traveller Plus (Premium Economy)
Scheduled Departure: 19:05
Actual Departure: 19:39
Scheduled Arrival: 15:55
Actual Arrival: 16:07
Estimated duration: 12hr 50mins
Actual duration: 12hr 27mins
Plane registration: G-XLEJ

I got to the gate as boarding hadn’t commenced yet so I walked around to find somewhere to fill my water bottle. Now this is one of my top tips for travelling. Always carry an empty water bottle with you. And then fill it up at a water fountain in the airport.

If you aren’t in First or Business Class, the crew inevitably never bring round water frequently enough.


Hello again World Traveller Plus. I quite like the new WT+ seat. It’s comfortable and they give you a few additional amenities.


There was someone in the seat next to me and we exchanged, brief, pleasantries before settling into our seats for push back.

I was seriously impressed with him. He didn’t leave his seat for the entire flight. Not once.

There was almost no delay in getting people on board, but we had a small wait before we pushed back, this led to take off being later by about 30mins.

Almost as soon as we got to cruising altitude the crew swung into action to serve dinner.


It was some kind of sweet and sour chicken. Not really that tasty, but I did finish it!

The crew probably serve and clear up quickly, so that they can get everyone asleep as soon as possible. And it worked. I fell asleep before they had even started clearing away the trays!!!

The next thing I knew …. Breakfast time!!!


I don’t know what’s going on here, but BA seem to serve this identical breakfast wherever they are. Actually I shouldn’t complain. I really like it!!

The 30mins delay we had leaving London was reduced to about 10minutes by the time we landed in Singapore.




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