La Brezza @ The Regis Hotel, Singapore


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You can tell that I love my buffets. And since being introduced to the Supper Club at the St Regis Hotel, I have tried the Chinese Restaurant (Yan Ting) and the French Restaurant (Brasserie La Saveurs).

Yang Ting

Return to Yan Ting

Brasserie La Saveurs

La Brezza is the Italian restaurant the St Regis hotel. For those regular followers, you will notice that I have not been there yet. My personal preference would be to go to Yan Ting, because frankly the food is incredible there. I guess it’s because I just pre-suppose Italian food is just pizza. Because I don’t eat Italian food enough, I keep forgetting that quality really counts. This shouldn’t be a surprise really, because in most cases, if the quality of the raw materials, the quality of the chef is not good, then the output is likely to be rubbish. Also, it could just be that the instant image of pizza is something like Pizza Hut, which is a really bad example of Italian food. It really is faux Italian.

In a recent trip to Nice, I also experienced some really wonderful food, both French and Italian (see here for Restaurants in Nice).

This trip to La Brezza came about because I had referred someone to join the Supper Club the St Regis. You can find brief details at the bottom of this review. As a result of that referral I got a $50 voucher that was valid only at La Brezza.


When my party arrived, there was already a table occupied, but they were eating a la carte by the looks of things. Because of this, I didn’t take a picture of the whole restaurant. It is quite a cosy little venue, and if it weren’t for the outside pool side terrace, you really wouldn’t be able to seat that many people.

There was also a nice tank to the side that housed some live lobsters. I thought it was pretty cute that they had a tank of seafood… more on that later

You can choose between sitting indoors or sitting on the pool side terrace. Because I’m not a huge fan of eating outside, especially when it comes to buffets, we went for a table indoors.

This event was the Barbecue Night which is every Friday from 7 – 10 pm.

We decided to opt out of the alcohol and just went for the basic bbq buffet menu for S$88.

SGD88++ per person (with complimentary coffee and tea)

SGD123++ per person (with complimentary flow of Prosecco D.O.C. Treviso, red and white wines, beers and soft drinks)

SGD143++ per person (with complimentary flow of Franciacorta D.O.C.G., red and white wines, beers and soft drinks)

SGD59++ per child (4 to 12 years old)

Lunch: 12noon to 3pm (Monday to Friday)
Dinner: 7pm to 10pm (Monday to Sunday)
Prosecco Brunch: 12noon to 3pm (Saturday and Sunday)
A la carte menu is available from 12noon to 10pm, daily.

Like many big buffets in Singapore, there is the obligatory cold seafood stand. This had many types of shellfish including prawns, lobster and oysters. At first I was pretty disappointed by the fact the lobsters ran out about an hour into the meal.

Now you remember that lobster tank I was referring to. Well as I was filling up my plate with various other food items, I saw a chef go to the tank and pick out a couple of lobsters. About 15 minutes later, there were more lobsters back on the ice!!

And there was me thinking that the tank was just there for decoration!


The wide selection of antipasti. These were really delicious, just don’t get hung up on this part too early or else you won’t be able to enjoy the rest of the meal.

Actually, I completely avoided this section to begin with. I wanted to get the cold seafood and try out the grill before there was a queue! I do enjoy antipasti, but it can be quite filling.


Cheese! Funnily enough, I have not been a huge cheese fan until very recently. And these really were delicious cheese. I particularly like soft cheese, but the hard cheeses they had here were pretty awesome too. The only one I didn’t try was the gorgonzola. It’s the obvious mould that puts me off, but one day I will get there!


A really delicious selection of cold cuts. I just find they tend to fill me up way to easily because they have an intense flavour.


I’ll be honest, I didn’t touch these. There wasn’t anything particularly wrong with them, I just thought they were stomach fillers.


A nice selection of bread, along with some torta.


Other than the fact I had the S$50 voucher, the reason I chose Friday night was because it was BBQ night!

The BBQ pits are actually outside by the pool, so sitting indoors actually made more sense. I can imagine it getting a bit smokey if sat outside.

I got out here early because I thought there might be a queue. As those of you who have been to The Line at the Shangri La (see my review here) there can be queues to the most popular stations.

Not here. They are far more refined. You select what you want cooked. If it’s meat, how you want it cooked, and they will then deliver it to your table.

On offer from the bbq include

  • seafood skewers
  • seabass fillet
  • Boston lobsters
  • beef striploin
  • rack of lamb
  • chicken
  • pork ribs
  • snail sausage (this was not available for my visit)
  • a variety of vegetables


The bbq is charcoal, not one of these gas jobbies that you get when grilling indoors. Being outdoors means that they can get charcoal burning 🙂

Check out the chef’s tattoo!! I thought it might be a bit weird to ask for a close up!


Inside the restaurant you get to watch the chefs prepare the food.

I guess some diners weren’t really ready to commit to the S$88 for the buffet, and so they went a la carte. I’m not sure how good it was, but still I always like watching my food being prepared.


After stuffing your face with main course, you may forget that there is also desert available.  Yes, that’s what happened to me. I totally forgot, but being the team player I am, the orders for desert went in.

On offer were:

  • Tiramisu Veneziano
  • Panna Cotta
  • Zuppa Inglese (layered sponge)
  • Salame di Cioccolata (dark chocolate)
  • Cold Zabaglione
  • Selection of homemade ice cream & sherbet








After this, would I come back? At the St Regis, this would lie in 3rd place, which Yang Ting being at the top, and La Brasserie occupying the middle.

However, I couldn’t eat at Yan Ting all the time (maybe I could). But I really enjoyed the BBQ so I might actually come back here before going to La Brasserie.



For those of you that are interested in joining the Supper Club the St Regis; here are some of the details You basically pay S$400 (+GST) and get S$400 in vouchers to be spent at Brasserie Les Saveurs, LaBrezza, Yan Ting, Drawing Room,and Astor Bar; plus 25% off the final bill.

Also, you get the following privileges:

  • Wine Aficionado membership, which entitles you to savour wines of the world with leading vintages by the glass at Astor Bar.
  • 10% off preferred room rates across all room categories
  • 15% reduction from selected treatments at Reméde Spa

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