The best business class seat on Singapore Airlines Boeing 777 ER SQ318

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I recently had the opportunity to fly Singapore Airlines Boeing 777 300 ER in business class.

There are 2 layouts for the 777 300 ER. One is 3 class (Economy, Business and First), and the other is 4 class (Economy, Premium Economy, Business and First)

The flight I took, SQ318 was in the four class layout (This was the July 2016 trip to London from Singapore ).

In the lay out there are 4 seats in First, 48 seats in Business, 28 seats in Premium Economy and 184 seats in Economy.

I like to travel is a small cabin as it feels as close to being in first class without being in First. In this case, that meant a selecting a seat between rows 11 – 14. After mulling it a bit, I wanted to be on the front row (11)as it made the cabin even more private as you can’t see what is happening behind you.

When I looked online, 11A had already been taken so I quickly jumped in and selected 11K. I didn’t choose the middle seats as I didn’t want to share with other people, but also these seats were actually occupied by a couple so I don’t think they would have appreciated me taking one of them and splitting them up.


As I mentioned  in my July 2016 trip report to London from Singapore once you got on board, you realise that you didn’t want the flight to start too soon, or to land too quickly. This seat is amazing!

Just take a minute to admire this seat. Yes, I repeat again, this is Business class, not first, but business!!!!


What did I think of the business class seat? I have travelled on the older business class seat – the ones currently used in the A380 and think that they are way too big (click here to see the report on my A380 business class experience in July 2016 from London to Singapore on Singapore Airlines, SQ321). This seat is a bit of a more acceptable size so I was quite happy with it.

I felt that there was plenty of leg room and actually prefer this seat colour for some reason. I think it’s a bit more classy, but what do I know? Also I don’t think it scuffs as easily. It of course becomes lie flat but I didn’t get a chance to take a photo with normal lighting as most of the cabin had already gone to sleep by the time I had made my bed.

I find it a bit strange that you have to make your own bed. First, I would have thought having a button that makes it lie flat would make more sense? Second, as a regulator, I would be worried that the passenger doesn’t make the bed correctly and is insecure.


Anyway, once you get the hang of making the bed, it is actually pretty easy. If you don’t want to make your own bed, I found that the cabin crew were more than happy to help you out. In fact that might be the easiest option.

What do you guys think?

Do you agree with me, that these are some of the most awesome business class seats in the skies?


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