The best business class seat on Singapore Airlines Airbus A380 SQ321


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I flew Singapore Airlines SQ321 in 2015 and in 2016, and both times it was an A380. The first time in 2015 was using upgrading with miles, the second time in 2016 was on a work trip.

What’s so special about a Singapore Airlines business class seat?

Many have already reviewed the business class cabin on Singapore Airlines so I won’t harp on about it. Though it is valid to ask why do I dedicate a report to selecting a seat in business class? Why waste my typing time?

Simply put, I think SQ has one of the best business class seats in the sky.

First, the seats at 1 – 2 – 1, which means that you always are able to get to the aisle directly, without having to climb over someone. Also it’s forward facing, which means none of this uncomfortable sleeping with someone’s feet by your head!

Second, the seat is enormous! So ridiculously big, I think they made the right choice with their 777 to make it seem a bit smaller (I wrote about this on the SQ318 flight from Singapore to London this earlier year.

As most of you know, the business class on SQ is found on the top deck. Sometimes it is all business, sometimes there is a small cabin of economy at the back. For the high travel routes like London – Singapore, you typically find the full business class upper deck, as the demand from business travellers is high.

I had chosen my seat in the front Business cabin of the a380. Having traveled in here before, the size of the cabin gives the impression of actually being almost in first class.

For the first flight in July 2015, I selected a seat in the front of the ‘bus. Seat 15K.  Now if you believe what seatguru tells you about the seat, it warns you that the proximity to the lavatory might be bothersome.

SQ321 Front Cabin

In actual fact, while seat is next to the toilet, it’s generally only used by the people in that small cabin (18 people). After take off, in order to shield passengers from the noise of the galley, they close the curtains dividing the cabins. This means that passengers in the main cabin tend to go backwards for their toilet breaks.

Also, given that you are given noise cancelling headphones, hearing the toilet being used is highly unusual.


On a more recent trip, I chose to go for the rear most seat.

My seat was 96A which is the seat right at the back of the plane on the left hand side (you can see it on seatguru).  It quite literally the last seat in the cabin and it is separated from the rest of the business class cabin by the emergency exit.


As this was a night flight, after eating my main meal I settled back down to relax and get a decent sleep.  I think you can ask the crew to convert the seat into a bed, but I just did it myself. It was pretty straight forward as I’ve travelled this seat type on a number of previous occasions. However, I can understand it getting a bit complicated if it’s your first time.

They do have a video explaining how to do it, but for those too tired/impatient to find it and watch it, just ask the cabin crew. They will have done in a jiffy.



If I were to choose again, which seat would I take?

I am slightly torn it must be said. I do like the small cabin feel of rows 11 – 16, but it’s so spacious in row 96.

If I were travelling alone, I might select the small cabin 11 – 16, but if I were travelling with others, I might choose the bigger cabin.


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