Restaurants in Nice

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During my recent trip to Vancouver, I wrote restaurant reviews in one post. I intend to do something very similar here so hopefully you will find the summaries more useful than me writing individual postings on each restaurant.

I think broadly my experience of food in Nice was a good one. The normal way of doing things, I just wander around during the day. If there is a restaurant that looks interesting, I will look it up on TripAdvisor. If it has a 4* review, it generally go on my list of restaurants that I’m happy to go to.

A big note is that most restaurants did not take bookings. Initially I thought it was annoying because I needed a place to eat for New Year and didn’t want to end up with no where to eat. However, I needed have worried.

If you go early (i.e. 6pm) there was never any problem finding a table. Or if you are willing to wait, it is often not bad. There are also plenty of restaurants in Nice so don’t worry about not having anywhere to eat.

Asia Express


What I’m not going to do is pretend that this is five star dining. Far from it. Cheap and cheerful. And it was open when I wanted to eat.




La Favola

This was my final meal in Nice. And it comes highly recommended.


When we arrived it was empty. I think I arrived at 6pm, but very shortly it started to fill up.


Various anti pasti ready for serving


Spaghetti aux Fruits de Mer (Seafood spaghetti )


Pizza Capricciosa


As we were leaving the cooks were just getting into the swing of things.


This is definitely on my return list, when I come back to Nice.

La Pizza Cresci


The restaurant was very empty, when I first walked by. My general rule is that the busier the restaurant, the better it must be. However, I tend to eat early – around 6-6.30pm and most locals tend to eat later (or maybe most people eat later!).

It is quite a big restaurant so it’s likely that there will be seats. And this is a pizzeria so the turnover is quite fast.


The pizzas are actually served in halves not wholes. But the halves were sufficient enough for our party.


Another place I would definitely return to.

Le Choucas


This had a small entrance on the street front, but there was a nice area downstairs.


As with most restaurants in Nice, it was empty when I first arrived. However,when I left, the whole restaurant was full and there were several groups waiting to leave.

The first course was a seafood soup course. Served with a side of bread, grated cheese and some garlic mayonnaise.

It really doesn’t look that appealing I must confess. I really thought I had made a mistake, but wow it was absolutely delicious. I would only say that it is really really rich so if you don’t have a huge appetite, this may wipe you out for the rest of your meal.


Not 100% certain what this was!


Nice steak!


Side of fries and vegetables. This was a bit of a disappointment. The chips were a bit soggy.


La creme brulee!!!!! Need I say any more?!


Restaurant Asiatique Volonte

One day, on the way back from the station we saw this restaurant which had just opened for lunch so popped in. And it was a good decision.

For lunch it was only about €14.





It was a normal buffet in many respects, but for the grill. You can select a whole series of raw foods and they will then grill it for you.


Grilling all my seafood!!


They all have a option to fry the food. But it’s not really that great. They added too much water so it didn’t end up tasting particularly good.


They had a good mixture of Chinese and Vietnamese cuisine.


There was some sushi, but I wouldn’t really describe this as Japanese as such.


There was a huge cold seafood section.






Ice cream!!!!!


VIP’s Grill

This was New Year’s Eve dinner. Again, even going in at 7pm the place was almost empty.


I think there were two tables occupied when we arrived.


The only time I managed to have the traditional French dish of snails in garlic butter. Shame. I like this dish a lot!


Pate with toast


Cold shrimp salad


If you don’t deal with bones very well, this is not a good one for you. Even if you are able to remove the meat carefully, you will end up with bones.


This chicken dish was probably the best value of the dishes we had.


This was probably the most disappointing dish. The piece of fish was sooo small!!!!


Creme brulee. It wasn’t a patch on Le Choucas


I’m sorry to disappoint all of you but yes, I also ate at McDonald’s. And yes… I loved it!!!

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