Restaurant Review: Zedel

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Previous components to this trip:
Singapore – London on British Airways BA16, A380 (December 2016)

Sometimes you go somewhere that really blows your mind away. And Zedel was one of them.

In fact, originally there wasn’t actually going to be a report on this. And, I don’t even think calling it a restaurant is a fair description.

Most of these pictures were not intended for public consumption, just for my own memories. However, having gone through some of those photos, I decided, that this place has to be reviewed.

It all started off on a mid-week evening. I headed into town using the Tube (the Underground for those of you who aren’t aware of colloquial name for London’s metro network). It was an easy ride on the Central Line (red line) all the way to Oxford Circus. And no, it isn’t in Oxford, and no, there are no animals. I’m not sure where the Oxford comes from, but the Circus, I imagine comes from the fact that it is round; circular.

The nearest Tube station to Zedel’s is Piccadilly Circus, which would probably mean people change at Oxford Circus Tube to the Piccadilly Line and take one stop to Piccadilly Circus. Well, in most cases it probably makes more sense to get out at Oxford Circus station and walk to Piccadilly Circus along Regent’s Street.

In most cases.

Not during Christmas clearly!

I wanted take in some of the street decorations but completely misjudged the number of people who would be out and about. Man, it was jammed solid. What should take a few minutes brisk walk, ended up taking a good 15 minutes slow slow trudge.

Despite the crowds I managed to take a number of photos, but most ended with lots of people.

If you want to avoid most of the revellers, shoppers, commuters, my recommendation is to go late and you will get decent photos. Best time? After 10pm most likely. Below is probably the one with the least number of people interjecting into it. The photo is not bad, but really you need to see it in person to appreciate it fully.


In fact after only a couple of hundred metres, I bailed and took a side road to Kingly Street and onwards, which more or less follows parallel to Regent Street, just without the crowds.

It actually brings you quite conveniently to Zedel. However, you really need to keep your eyes peeled for this place. I walked past this place, just the week before while doing Christmas shopping, and totally missed it.

It’s actually not on the road. Sherwood Street curves round, and as it curves, there is a pedestrianised area. It’s in this area that you will see the red frontage of Zedel.

Take a quick peak from the photo below and it look pretty small. Yes. that’s a cafe. I have one word for you



It’s nice that there is a little outside section that acts as a porch like area. In the winter, this keep the cold out and the warmth in! And there was nice man who would open the door for you, and make sure it was closed once you were through, thus keeping it nice and comfortable on the inside.

Once you are inside, the cafe is what greets you. There is a small corridor that leads some way into the distance and this is where the TARDIS really starts to come into own.


After  you walk down a flight of steps, this is what you see…..


It opens up into a large atrium. You would never imagine that you were underground. To the left are the toilets, to the immediate left of the Christmas tree is the brasserie,and to the immediate right is American Bar.

Behind the photo is the Crazy Coqs performance venue, which I was going to see Gary Williams for his Christmas gig.


After the gig, dinner had already been prebooked at the Brasserie, so I made my way there straight afterwards. And boy was I in for another surprise.


Can you believe how massive it is on the inside! It’s bigger on the inside……


There are 3 set menus (I apologise the menu is in French, but you can translate using GoogleTranslate)

  • 2 course for £9.75
  • 3 course for £12.75
  • 4 course for £19.75

The four course meal includes house wine and coffee.

Frankly this is some of the most amazing value that I’ve ever had in London. Please enjoy the photos and I’ll talk about the food later.














Unfortunately I didn’t get a chance to take a photo of the coffee press which was huge. Frankly I don’t know who could drink that much coffee at night? I don’t drink coffee at all so I was able to share it with everyone else in the party.

Of all the food, the only disappointing meal was the burger which seemed pretty dry despite appearing to be medium.

Otherwise the food was pretty exceptional, and for the price no one can complain.

And when during the meal, a small jazz quartet was playing. With the size of the place, you could just about hear them, but the buzz was pretty amazing. I can’t recommend this place highly enough – ambiance, food, entertainment, price!!!

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