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As this is an apartment as opposed to a hotel, I decided not to do the points.

This apartment was found on booking.com and you can see its page here. The location was very central and it was a decent enough size. As you have read from my previous review of the Times Square Hotel, Vancouver, Booking.com cancelled that booking. I do recognise that the vast majority of it was our own fault of using an incorrect credit card, and I don’t want to revisit that particular case. But I would say that I am still a reasonable fan of booking.com due to its broad range of choices and its decent cancellation policy.

Back to this apartment. Upon arrival, I had to call a number and the person who manages the apartment (not the owner) met us within a few minutes. She seemed to speak only a smattering of English. Of course, this is France so what else would you expect? However, dragging out my school French I managed to ascertain everything that was needed. She then sauntered off and we wouldn’t chat until the penultimate day.



This was the living area. Unfortunately I never got a full shot of the entire living/dining/kitchen. The sofa transforms into a bed,and unlike some of those complicated contraptions out there, this was very easy to pull out, and then put back.

There is a tv but never once during the stay did it get switched on. It was a moment of pride at the end of the stay when I realised I hadn’t watched one minute of tv during the week I was there. [I would add there is free high speed wifi in the apartment so I was still able to watch YouTube]

The bedroom,was a decent size. Not big, but after reading various home listings in Nice, this seemed a good size. A lot of apartments were being sold as one bedroom, like this. Nice is an old city after all, so they don’t necessarily have huge spaces.


There was a decent kitchen with all the modern appliances. The oven doubled as a microwave, or vice versa! They provided the full range of crockey and cutlery. What seemed a tiny bit strange was that they provide all the bathroom towels, but they didn’t provide any towels for the kitchen area.


At the coffee machine was fully stocked for the arrival. In fact it was just the right amount of coffee beans. The final cup of coffee coincided with the last grind of the machine.


Instead of a one bathroom with both shower and toilet, the apartment had split the two.  This actually make sense in such a confined space. There was location of the shower, and toilet were not conducive to having one room. However, what this led to what a slightly smaller toilet area than was probably entirely comfortable. If you are, how should one say it, a bit larger than most or have mobility issues, this might not be the best place for you.


This apartment is situated within a large block so bear in mind that you are probably staying where there are people living. The block (like many of the buildings around here) are old so sound is not effectively muffled. You can hear people traipsing around upstairs. It only bothers people if you can’t sleep. I can sleep through a lot!!

The entrance is right onto a thorough-fare, not really a side street. I wonder how many people just wander in. There is a lift and a flight of stairs. I sent my luggage up the lifts with the apartment manager and took the stairs — it’s just on the first floor.


If you need more toilet roll, coffee, some munchies. There are a number of small convenience shops around the area which sells of these things.

Would I stay here again? Yes. Good location. Decent price.


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