How to claim compensation from British Airways due to delayed flights

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For those of you who regularly follow my blog, you will see that there was a recent post on my Vancouver – London on British Airways BA84, an Airbus A380 which was massively delayed due to a global BA computer failure.

If your flight is delayed by more than 3 hours, you are entitled to compensation dependent on the distance you are due to travel.

This post, is about how to claim your money back, because BA, like any company, will do it’s damnedest not to pay you a single penny.

Note that this post is about claiming from BA, but applies to any European airline.

The regulation that governs this known as Regulation 261/2004. Now, I won’t pretend that I will cover every single scenario here or give out everything you need to know about the regulation. Just the broad rules and how to claim money back (specifically BA).

Which flights does it apply to?

  1. Flight must be departing from an airport from EU member state
  2. Travelling to an EU member state on an EU based airline

What are the compensation thresholds?

  1. Less than 1500 km in distance
  2. Greater than 1500 km but less than 3500 km in distance (including all intra-EU flights above 1500 km)
  3. Not within EU of greater than 3500 km in distance

What type of compensation is available?

Based on the above 3 compensation thresholds, you are entitled to cash compensation of:

  1. €250
  2. €400
  3. €600

Note that these are in euros regardless of currency of purchase, though the airline may convert the money at your request.

How do I go about claiming?

It’s actually very straightforward to claim. However, you must be very clear in what you are requesting for. If you simply say “I was on the delayed flight BAxx”, BA will likely respond on the lines “We are sorry for the inconvenience caused”.

To claim, you actually just need to communicate with them via their webform for contacting customer relations. You will need to fill in all the details, including the flight number, date of travel etc etc. Also make sure that the drop down menu titled “Your Issue” you select “EU delay claim”

This is actually all you need to provide. However, I have heard of cases where in the actual message box, people write a long email saying that they are claiming under Article 7 of EU261. I never used that before, but it might not hurt.

How long does compensation take?

Well this is an interesting one. I don’t know what time cap airlines use to pay by, but BA paid within 2 weeks of a compensation request. You will have options of getting the money wired directly to your bank, or taking a cheque. I took the latter, as I wasn’t comfortable sending my bank details across the internet.

However, if you put the incorrect/incomplete information it could take a lot longer.

I hope this post helps you.


Do note that there was no input from BA in this post and was based entirely on my own personal experience and items I could glean from the internet. Your experience may well differ slightly or substantially.


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