Trip Report: London – Singapore on British Airways BA11, A380 (September 2016)

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Previous components to this trip:

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London – Vancouver on British Airways BA85, A380
Robson Suites, Vancouver
YWCA Hotel, Vancouver
Times Square Hotel, Vancouver
The Westin Wall Centre, Vancouver Airport Hotel
Restaurant Photo Tours
Vancouver – London on British Airways BA84, A380
London – Singapore on British Airways BA11, A380

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As I mentioned previously, I moved to BA from SQ and I have written about in a previous blog posting on why I switched to BA from SQ, but my recent Vancouver – London on British Airways BA84 had given me doubts about it, but sometimes upgrades happen. After the BA84 flight, this BA11 flight from London to Singapore was remarkably straight forward. So straightforward in fact I actually don’t recall much about it!

Check in was almost empty


Once you get past check in and security, the space opens up into a large atrium. I love these big airy spaces.


I am not a Silver card or Gold card holder, just a lowly Bronze card-er. Hence why I only get access to the Aspire lounge using my Priority Pass.


September 2016
Class: Premium Economy
Estimated duration: 13hr 05mins
Scheduled Departure: 20:00
Actual Departure:
Scheduled Arrival: 16:00
Actual Arrival:
Plane registration:

Usually I fill in all these details but this time, I just totally forgot!!

Here were the two meals I had….



On arriving at Changi. I grabbed a cab and was off into the city.

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