Trip Report: Vancouver – London on British Airways BA84, A380 (August 2016)

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After a wonderful couple of weeks in Vancouver, it was time to make my way back to Singapore. First leg of the journey was the take me to London, where I was going to spend a couple of days before heading back to Singapore.

I really don’t know where to begin here. I would write a very long review but the reality is that this leg of the trip really took it out of me!

From the moment we arrived, it was clear that there were massive problems. There was a super long queue at check in and it turned out that BA’s computer system was down …. worldwide.

Fortunately they were eventually able to check people in manually. I would have hated to have been those guys at check in. It must have been absolutely appalling facing all these disgruntled passengers. Finally after checking in, we made our way to the lounge, and then problem number 2 hit. There wasn’t enough space in the lounge and they over flowed us into the Plaza Premium Lounge (which was quite some walk back towards immigration). It was somewhere between here and the plane that I lost my neck pillow, which made this journey even more annoying.


It was doubly annoying that once I got to the gate, the plane was hidden from view! You can barely see it… especially the glare of the glass makes it difficult to see


August 2016
Class: Premium Economy
Estimated duration: 9hr 15mins
Scheduled Departure: 20:45
Actual Departure: 01:10 (+1)
Scheduled Arrival: 13:55
Actual Arrival: 17:50
Plane registration: G-XLEL

So this is what happened while we sat on the tarmac for several hours

  1. The cargo hold wasn’t properly packed (safety) and we needed to taxi back to the ramp
  2. A passenger wanted to get off (her prerogative) and we needed to off load her check in luggage
  3. We sat in silence for a long time. Fortunately the IFE was working but I had watched most of the movies I wanted to by the time we took off.

Well, after all those complaints and arriving incredibly late, I have to say that every member of the staff we encountered really acquitted themselves well.

The Premium Economy seat was reasonably comfortable. I was especially glad given the long delay


Some food photos



The rest of the ride was smooth and, if there wasn’t a delay coming back, I would have said this was an excellent flight.

The only thing I found really annoying was that the BA lounge was not able to take 2 Silver card holders.


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