Hotel Review: Times Square Hotel, Vancouver


… and a rant about

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Previous components to this trip:

Singapore – London on British Airways BA12, A380
London – Vancouver on British Airways BA85, A380
Robson Suites, Vancouver
YWCA Hotel, Vancouver

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Starting with the ratings for my hotel stay (out of ten):

Room   7

Service 8

Food NA

Overall 7.5

I was meeting up with some other travellers at our next hotel and they had made the reservation using

Hotel number 3!!!

When I finally checked out of the YWCA and arrived at the Times Square Suites my travelling companions had already got there and as soon as they saw me said “they’ve cancelled our booking”


Apparently had cancelled our booking.

Rob at the reception of Times Square Suites told us that he could find us a room for the following few days but as there was a major public holiday the following week, there were no rooms available for the whole period. We were thus stuck for 3 nights before our flight out with no accommodation.

Fortunately after some searching we found a Westin near the airports in Richmond. I will review this hotel separately.

After calling we found out that apparently a week beforehand, had contacted the person who had originally booked the Times Square Suites to tell them that their credit card was not valid (in this case it was out of date). However, they only gave 24 hours to correct this and the original booker was out of internet range until the day of the booking.
We should accept some responsibility for this but it seems wrong that you are allowed to use an incorrect card. Don’t get me wrong, I think is great but why don’t they tell you at the time of booking that the credit card will be out of date by the time you arrive at your destination? And why only wait until a week before the booking to tell you? Surely it would make more sense to tell us when we are booking that the card will not be accepted?

Rant over.

What to say about the Times Square Residences though?

I was really really impressed.

Rob was really great.

From the picture above, you will notice that it is snugly tucked away along a row of shops. To get access, you either need a key, or if you are an arriving guest, you will need to ring for reception to open the door for you. From there, you take the lift (which is a bit slow to be honest), down to the reception, which is in the basement. I don’t know if the basement is managed 24 hours but whenever I went down there in need of help there was always someone there.


We had gone for the large suite — called the one bedroom with den and it was big. I was surprised as this was still on Robson Street (admittedly at the end). The master room was big.


And there was a smaller room with single bed.


Unfortunately I didn’t get a picture of the whole area as there is a sofa there, and I think you can fit another person there if you so want.

Great spacious cooking and dining area. I’d brought some food with me from my stay at the YWCA Hotel, but you can also pop round the corner to Safeway if you need more goods.


Upstairs there is a BBQ area and I can imagine this being a really great place to hang out in the summer. Again, the Safeway just around the corner is really great that you can set yourself up here with a couple of drinks and a roaring bbq!


Coming up next … The Westin!

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