Hotel Review: Robson Suites, Vancouver


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Previous components to this trip:

Singapore – London on British Airways BA12, A380
London – Vancouver on British Airways BA85, A380

Initially I was going to try out AirBnB, but after finding places that looked really good, I found that they needed me to have references. It’s chicken and the egg, I want to stay at a well reviewed AirBnB, and the owners want to let out to well reviewed guests. I get it. But it was frustrating.


Instead after much debate (with myself), I decided that hotels would be the best option

I had come up with a number of normal hotel options using my formely favourite hotel booking website: — find out why I say formerly in my review on the Times Square Hotel, Vancouver which I stayed at later in my trip.

The first I found was The Burrard on (surprise, surprise) Burrard Street, which is right in the middle of town.  A really great location and good reviews on TripAdvisor but just a bit expensive. The next hotel that popped up was at the other end of the price range but also a reasonably decent location The Buchan Hotel, just not quite as close as The Burrard. However, it was about half the price but the reviews were not all that stellar.

Eventually I settled on the Y.W.C.A. hotel on Beatty Street, after first checking that men could stay there! Would have certainly have been embarrassing being turned away at the door!

But first, the review on Robson Suites. This is a very short review as I only stayed here for one night.

Starting with the ratings for my hotel stay (out of ten):

Room   6

Service 7

Food NA

Overall 6

After exiting YVR following our London – Vancouver on British Airways 85 I jumped into the taxi at the taxi rank and he immediately made for downtown. From the airport there is a fixed fee to go into town, so at least you know exactly what you are going to be paying

You can find the latest fares on the YVR website here; so it was $31 plus tips. Nevertheless the driver was safe and it took about half and hour but there was hardly any traffic. I imagine if there was traffic it would have been a crazy length of time.

I was pretty tired after the flight so didn’t take any videos or photos of the journey to the hotel – no real excuse because I had thought about it on the flight over, but after the delay I was totally zoning out!

Since the plan was to stay here one night, some of the party were heading off elsewhere, this place was perfectly decent. And the location was pretty good as well – at the bottom/top end of Robson Street.

The furniture is a bit dated and in need of an upgrade but overall I was not particularly disappointed. The price was good as well. But as I will reiterate in forthcoming posts, once you stay in downtown for a bit, you probably do not need to stay in downtown again. You can go elsewhere in BC

As it was only for one night, there is not much to review about the hotel.


The bathroom was very old, but clean. I think it needs a bit of some upgrade work


The theme of upgrading carries through to the lounge. Again, perfectly acceptable, but not really a great hotel experience. For one night, no problem. If I wanted to stay longer I would probably expect more from the hotel.


Again, upgrades need in the kitchen area. While perfectly acceptable and functional, it did look a bit cluttered.


Check out was quick and efficient and off we went our separate ways!!

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