Hotel Review: Canary Wharf Hilton


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Starting with the ratings for my hotel stay (out of ten):

Room   7

Service 7

Food NA

Overall 7

This was part of my recent trip to London which I flew business class on Singapore Airlines SQ318. Unfortunately I was super busy this trip so was not able to take a huge number of photos of the hotel, nor was I able to get a huge bunch of notes down to review the hotel.

Check in was very fast and I had no problems. The staff were friendly despite it being very early in the morning. As I was checking in on a Monday morning, there were plenty of rooms available, so I was able to get a room straight away without having to wait until later in the day. One the benefits of staying at a hotel where the area is mainly business orientated.

The room was pretty reasonably sized and the bed was nice and comfortable.


The bathroom was well appointed. The only issue I had with it was the speakers they had which was whatever was on the tv. Do I really want to hear what’s on the tv? I guess I do.


As I said before, the bed was comfortable. I’ve tried using the whole two pillows, but I find it pretty uncomfortable personally. Does anyone else find that? It makes my neck sore.


I am not a frequent stayer at Hilton so I didn’t get a chance to use the Executive Lounge.


Nice gym – quite well used. I tried several times to take a photo but there was almost no opportunity. However, one early morning on my way out there was no one there so I finally managed to get a nice photo of the whole gym. It’s not incredibly big – though larger than the Grand Mercure gym in Bangkok – but is well appointed with all the major machines you need to keep fit. I laughingly say “keep fit” as I didn’t once use the gym! HAHA


The disadvantage with the hotel is that you need to walk outside to get to the underground station. Sure, if the weather is nice, which was pretty much every day I was there it is fine. However, on the day I checked out, it was raining so I had sprint in the rain for about 5minutes to be able to get into the shopping mall which links to the Canary Wharf Tube station.


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