Buffet Review: The Line, The Shangri La Hotel


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It’s kinda funny that I haven’t got round to reviewing The Line at the Shangri La Hotel before now, given how often I used to go.

You will have seen that I have been writing a lot of about really expensive buffets (Yan Ting and Brasserie Les Saveurs) which gives the impression that is all I eat at. Actually, my first hotel buffet experiences were at the Shangri La.


Part of the reason for choosing the Shangri La, is because they some times have a discount for those who book online — which I believe is 15%, but you should check online before you jump in 🙂 Basically what that means is that you it covers your tax and service charges.

I don’t ever go during the weekday, that would be just too much even for a fatty (I mean foodie) like me. Which is S$72 for adults.

If you go on Sunday it’s quite a bit more S$108 Adult (which incidentally is the same cost the Yan Ting at the St Regis) and includes unlimited soft drinks and juices. However, Sunday is the champagne brunch day, which costs S$158 Adult (unlimited champagne, selected wines, beers, soft drinks and juices).

However, if you go on a Saturday it is substantially cheaper at only $72 per person.

But before you make your way to the dining area for lunch, you have an opportunity to have a look around. The grounds are very nicely maintained, though the whole hotel to be honest is beginning to look a bit worse for wear – it has been going since the early 1970s so the age is beginning to show. If you look around the pool area, the rooms look like they are from the 70s era to be honest.


Having said, that I’m always impressed by the lobby area. It’s pretty beautifully maintained and always pristine (a bit like the city it inhabits). I don’t know about you, but the lighting doesn’t do it any favours — I get the impression of a yellow hue, maybe from the decorations? What do you guys think of the lighting?

The restaurant is apparently designed by Adam Tihany — now for those who don’t know who this, he’s a very big deal in the interior design business in the United States. Unfortunately, I think that this design is a bit too stylish for the Shangri La. The colours are so bright, I would almost call it garish. Orange is never a good colour in a room, and it is certainly splashed very very liberally here.


I get it. You guys aren’t interested in comments and pictures of the hotel. You want to cut to the chase, get to the meat of the subject (so to speak).

THE FOOD!!!!!!!

There are a many stations to choose from. [disclaimer: photos came from different meals so some of the choices may no longer be available]

IMG_6239 IMG_6241 IMG_6243

IMG_3750 IMG_3752 IMG_3763 IMG_6751

Dessert time

IMG_6752 IMG_7871 IMG_3734 IMG_3736 IMG_3744 IMG_3746

And after you’ve absolutely stuffed your faces, you can get complimentary hot drinks at this bar.

I’ve been known to stand in line here for more than 15/20mins. Often they only have one person serving, which frankly is not an excuse. Anyone who has been to a pub in the UK knows that bar staff can take several orders, pour several drinks, take money and recite pi all at the same time (ok one of those is probably not true).

#TopTip: Get in line well before you need your coffee or tea, as the queue gets very very long. I usually get a drink about an hour into my meal; then if there are times where there is no queue, I jump straight in an order another one.


Usually there are some fast cars parked outside. It impresses me less that there are fast cars, I’m always impressed how stupid people paying so much just essentially loan a car for 10 years!

IMG_7888 IMG_7884 IMG_7885 IMG_7887



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