Trip Report: SQ979 Bangkok – Singapore June 2016

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Since the flight was later in the day, and I was in no rush, I considered taking the Airport Rail Link as opposed to taking a bus or taxi (here is a guide from November 2015 on how to use the ARL) to get back to the airport. Of course my previous note only talks about the trip from the Airport to the city, I was taking the opposite journey. However, as I had picked up quite lot of things to take to Singapore so decided to take a cab to the airport from the Grand Mercure Bangkok Asoke Residence where I had been staying for this trip. And boy is it expensive!!! About THB 300 for the cab and then about THB75 for the tolls.


Check in was quick and efficient, and didn’t involve any FAST self check kiosks (see outbound trip report Singapore – Bangkok flight on SQ978 for the hilarity of fast FAST kiosks). Normal check in desks work perfectly fine, thank you very much.


Since I didn’t have lounge access I just went shopping and then trundled to the gate. Yes, despite already being over loaded with goodies, I did what any self respecting person does, buy more stuff.


When I got to the gate, my ride wasn’t there. Disappointing in some ways, but it meant that I had the opportunity watch the plane arrive at the gate which I kinda like to see.


Fortunately she finally made it to the stand, and the turnaround race began. It’s always impressive to watch the co-ordination that goes into this. Like a dance that just needs on thing to fail and it all fails.


Soon enough, the boarding commenced and we were off!! I always find boarding really very very interesting, especially when they start calling by section/rows/class. Though who knows what was going on really? People were just wafting past the staff and not even showing their boarding passes.

June 2016
Airbus A330-300
Class: Economy
Estimated duration: 2hr 25mins
Actual duration: 2hr 23mins
Scheduled Departure: 18:30
Actual Departure: 18:46
Scheduled Arrival: 21:55
Actual Arrival: 10:09
Plane registration: 9V-SSB
EIS: April 2014

My window seat. I stupidly hadn’t checked in on line until the very last minute and realised no aisle seats were available. This error was made even worse by the fact I felt sick and wanted to be able to make the toilet dash if need be.

Fortunately the SQ A330 has only two seats on the side of the cabin so it would mean only having to inconvenience one passenger.


I love these kinds of photos if I can get an opportunity to shoot them. Sunset at pushback time. The mix of bright yellow-orange colours is pretty magical, and I think it looks good reflecting off the wing.


They served me my special meal. This time it was non-seafood. What this meant, was dry-ish chicken with some tomato sauce to try to make it a bit more palatable. I like the spinach though. Always happy to have a bit spinach.


Unfortunately as they were serving dinner, the pilot came over the speaker and basically warned us that there was turbulence ahead as well as the plane probably being late. This was due to thunderstorms over Singapore. Of course as you can imagine, the actual duration was still shorter than the scheduled duration by SQ. But when compared with the other SQ979 flights, this was was significantly longer.

As we descended we hit several patches of turbulence. One in particular was the type that makes the plane feel like it’s dropping out of the sky. That led to some screams from fellow passengers. Of course this does nothing for motion sickness, of which I am prone. This lead to me having a nauseating headache for the final 30mins of the flight.

What made the circling and landing particularly difficult was I was feeling a bit under the weather and there were two guys in front of me talking to the cabin crew, which I think is a good thing. Treat them like they are humans rather than just automatons. However, with my raging headache it really wasn’t what I needed. And then they started talking about inappropriate things, like where to pick up women and other such exciting topics. Bear in mind that this was on the front row EMEX seat so just across the aisle were kids. Anyway maybe my throbbing headache made me more sensitive to these kinds of discussions. Do you think I was being overly sensitive?

Anyway, after landing, I thought that would be the end of my troubles. No, we obviously landed, at what appeared to be the furthest point away from the gate, and it took us another 20mins to get to the gate.

Finally, disembarkation was fairly swift as was immigration and luggage pick up. I made my way to the almost empty taxi rank and got into a blue cab. After my nausea inducing flight, I had to sit in the front of the cab!


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