Centre Point Hotel, Chidlom

I previously wrote about my recent stay at the Arcadia Suites in October when I had a friend in town (which was a follow on from an earlier Arcadia Suites review I made from earlier this year). I had also written briefly about the Oakwood Residence Sukhumvit 24 where I had stayed on a number of previous occasions.

Originally for this trip, I was going to return the Arcadia Suites, but thought, rather than simply hand over my cash to the same place again and again, why not try somewhere else. After a quick perusal on line, I found the Centre Point Hotel, Chidlom was offering reasonable rates, and had pretty good reviews on various websites including TripAdvisor, Booking.com and Agoda, for those of you looking for websites to check out hotels reviews other than my own 🙂

So I rushed to make the booking and lock in the price. Once that was done, it was necessary to cancel the old booking at Arcadia. I read about people cancelling hotels/tickets all the time, but I do feel a bit guilty about it. After a second of guilt, I hit myself and realise I am the one doing the paying == duh!!!!

Other than Centre Point Hotel, Chidlom there are a number of Centre Point Hotels in Bangkok

  • Centre Point Hotel, Silom
  • Centre Point Hotel, Pratunam
  • Centre Point Hotel, Sukhumvit 10
  • Centre Point Serviced Apartment, Thong Lo

When I landed at the airport after my flight to Bangkok on Cathay Pacific I reactivated my Thai sim card and tootled on my way to Chidlom BTS via the Airport Rail Link train (for those using this train for the first time I’ve published a guide on it). On my way to Chidlom BTS I took a look at Google Maps. Now, bear in mind there are more than one Centre Point (as listed above), so make sure you have found the right hotel… also part of the same group are the Grande Centre Points — don’t select the wrong one 🙂

For some reason my initial travel plan was to go to Siam, but fortunately I worked out that Centre Point “Chidlom”  obviously the stop should be Chidlom, so when the train stopped there, I dashed off. Once I alighted from the train, I reopened Google Maps to confirm the direction and yes below was the completely inaccurate assessment from the app.

Other reviewers who say that it only take 5 minutes to the BTS station are either running or lying. It take about 10minutes at a reasonable pace — especially when you are going to the hotel and dragging your luggage with you (error on my part of course — as you will read later).


After dragging my luggage all the way to the Centre Point Hotel Chidlom I think to myself this is just crazy. I would never stay here again if I can’t get tuk tuk pick up like most other hotels.

But as I walked into the lobby all thoughts of complaining further went out the window. I was completely blown away. Yes the picture below really is the lobby. I was really surprised, as this was not the sort of quality I would expect from this kind of hotel or the price that I had paid for it. It is really elegantly done. Though as I was to find out later the cushions on those couches are really really hard to get standing on their corners (while waiting for the tuk tuk, I managed to dislodge one of the cushions and it took me a good 5 minutes to fix them)


The check in was fast and efficient. The only complaint I have is that since I made this reservation on Booking.com, they insisted I pay up front. I don’t know if any of you fellow travellers have experienced this, but I think it’s pretty unusual for the hotel to ask for payment beforehand. In this particular instance, I wanted the extra miles from spending during the long weekend so I asked to pay the following day so I could get the extra miles from my Citibank card, which they seemed to have no complaints about.

I observed that the walk to from the BTS station was really really long and it’s annoying that there is no pick up tuk tuk service …. oh the look of surprise … “oh sir, but there is. You just need to call us” …. oh bugger. Just to spend a bit more time on the tuk tuk service – it runs Monday to Friday: 07.00 – 20.00 hr; Saturday, Sunday and public holiday: 10.00 – 20.00 hrs, in both directions. What I would say about this service is that it seems really strange to start it so late on the weekend. For the weekend trippers (like myself) I wanted to visit Chatuchak market early on Sunday (leaving the hotel at 9am) but the tuk tuk wasn’t operational at that time. Of course it’s only a ten minute walk to the station, but nothing like getting hot and bothered before you even start your day. And then, to stop the service at 8pm every day seems way too early for almost any guest. If I am wandering around the sights in the afternoon and assuming I eat dinner while doing so, it is unlikely I will make it back to the Chidlom BTS before 8pm. Arcadia offers this service up to midnight all nights, but I would have thought up to 10pm would be a reasonable time.

Anyway, back to the hotel. After dragging my luggage to the hotel for 10 minutes and then finding out the tuk tuk service was indeed available both ways, I was really hot. Trying to look cool I took my key card and making my way to the room, I spent the next 10 minutes scoping out the bedroom on the 15th floor. This was what the rooms offered according to the website:

Spacious rooms from 35 sq.m. to 180 sq.m. include fully equipped kitchen, dining area, safety box, DVD player, iron and iron board, automatic toilet seat (Japanese style), daily maid service, and free Wi-Fi Internet access.

Now I don’t know how big my room was, but it was sufficiently big for one person, even a couple. However, it was not as big as the Arcadia (click here for my most recent report) which I had stayed at twice previously.

Also slightly disappointing was the bathroom. Definitely when compared with the Arcadia, the bathroom was a real disappointment. I couldn’t get a decent photo, but put it this way, the shower is a shower/bath combi and the step into the bath area was pretty big — if you are elderly it might be a bit tricky, especially if the floor is wet. By comparison, the Arcadia has separate showers and baths.

Having said that, for me on this trip, the bedroom was perfectly adequate.

Other Facilities

Unfortunately this trip I didn’t manage to use the other facilities. In fact most of the other facilities are located on the same floor.

First up is the Fitness Centre. It is open from early to late and was well appointed with the basic machines and weights. I’ll be honest I didn’t use it at all but I did talk to someone else who did and they said it was a nice facility – very clean and everything worked.

Second, is the swimming pool. Of course, with all these trips, I totally forgot to bring my swimming trunks to use in the salt water pool. Opening at 6am gives you plenty of opportunity to work out before you head on down for breakfast. And with a closing time of 10pm, it makes it a good day to relax after wandering around all the sights and sounds of Bangkok.


And then there’s the laundry room. Annoyingly this is located in the car park (of all places). I can’t remember if it was airconditioned, but the walk to the laundry room from the air conditioned main building was enough to put me off using it. Seems a waste as I would have been interested to use it.



Finally, unfortunately I didn’t take any photos, was the library and movie room. Once a week they show a movie — for this trip I believe it was Transformers Age of Extinction. Unfortunately I missed it but I think this is a really great idea!



As some of my regular readers will note, I have complained about the size of breakfast rooms in the past. Certainly this hotel does not fall into that category. I can definitely describe this as bright and spacious, just like the rest of the hotel.

Also, being the first person for breakfast on a Sunday doesn’t do any harm right? Yes that’s right. I was so super super keen to get to Chatuchak weekend market that I ended up getting to the breakfast at crazy o clock! It was so nice and quiet, I had a little inner scream… you know the kind I’m talking about. Like when you get into a business or first class cabin and realise you are the only person there!!!

The egg station is on the far left as you enter, and I noticed a few guests who appear not have seen it. It is rather tucked away so I can see how you could miss it.


The breakfast spread was generous and also quite varied. I don’t really want to go over board with compliments as the bread felt a bit stale and the croissants were kinda average. In some cases I think it’s better to provide less but of a better quality. For example, I would have dumped the heating cabinet and the desert style offerings. In exchange spending more on the croissants and the bread would have been much more welcome.


The hotel was generous with its offerings not just of juice and milk but also the hot drinks that are available on the other side. They had warm ginger drink (along with a coffee machine) along with other types of warm drink, which I unfortunately can’t remember what else there was.

IMG_9582 IMG_9584

As with anywhere in Thailand, they have a really excellent spread of fruits. Unfortunately it was also the most disappointing part of the meal. There fruits were in general quite bland, that is to say that they have been picked way too early. There was virtually no flavour which is extremely disappointing for a hotel that is based in one of the best fruit bearing countries in the region some might say the world.


Centre Point Hotel Chidlom
No.60 Soi 1,
Langsuan Road,
Patumwan, Bangkok 10330 Thailand.
Tel: +66 2 657 2400
Fax: +66 2 657 2430


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